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Dr Hive?

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My hubby cannot move his neck. He is actually thinking about going to a doctor so you know it's bad.


What happened was that the last couple days, when he would look up for any length of time and then look back down, his neck would "click" or "pop." He works construction, so this happened several times. He wasn't complaining at home though, just putting up with it, I guess. Anyway, so he comes home yesterday in severe pain. He said that he had been looking up and when he looked back down, there was a HUGE pop and since he's been in severe pain, can't move neck without sickening pain, etc. Even walking and such, esp the stairs at the hotel, hurt.


I just can't think what kind of pop this could be.


Anyway, I'm surprised, but he went into work today. I kinda expect he'll be back though.


What could that pop be to be so big and cause SO much pain?

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