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Ipod question

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I got my Veritas Press conference mp3's and an ipod nano this week. I loaded 19 lectures on the ipod, but only 2 are there now. :confused:


But my main question is, if I am halfway through a lecture and it goes back to the beginning for no apparent reason, is there any way to ff to where I was, or do I have to listen to the whole lecture again? This has happened twice, and when I use the ff button to try to get back to where I was in the lecture, it goes to the screen with the list of lectures.

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First, when your nano is connected to the computer. Select your nano in the sidebar. Then when you get to the screen for your nano you want to go look at your music tab and make sure that all the lectures are selected.


If that's not it then go to your music playlist screen (on your computer) and do the same. Make sure that they are selected.


You can press the middle button. Wait til the diamond appears and then scroll forward or backward.



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