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Should I supplement RightStart C?

Jumping In Puddles

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Nope. We added nothing, and it's been just fine.


I should add, though, that I imagine the push to add word problems probably depends on your family. We discuss real life word problems all the time -- in the car we're figuring out milage and cost, at the store we're figuring out the best deal on toilet paper considering the coupon in hand, at the dinner table we're figuring out cubic measures of bark mulch ( example: "if we want to cover a bed of this many square feet at a depth of 3 inches, how many cubic feet of bark mulch do we need? and is it more economical to buy it by the bag, or have it delivered by the cubic yard?"). Dh is an engineer who is now in charge of manufacturing operations, and is constantly bringing home his work, so to speak. Hurray for integrating math into every day life!


I've become convinced that how a curriculum works in a family depends a LOT on what the family talks about in the non-school moments. So I could give the quick answer of "NO, don't bother," but I imagine that everyone who answers this question has some back story.

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Definitely word problems! I actually wish I'd started my oldest on the Singapore Challenging Word Problems series when she was in RS B rather than waiting until partway through C.


I'm so glad Jumping In Puddles asked this question today. I was similarly wondering about it myself. I began using Calculadders again when we started level C a few weeks ago, but Level C already has practice sheets, so no need for Calculadders right now. I also have Singapore PM that I was thinking about integrating into our daily lessons again (wasn't sure how, what, and when), but just adding in some CWPs makes sense to me now. All this is to say that I'm glad I had some time to lurk on the forum this evening, because Crimson Wife's response is a welcome confirmation for me... though GailV's is wise as well. Thank you, ladies! :o)


Now I just need to decide if I want to cut the binding off of our CWPs and put them in sheet protectors or not.


:001_smile: Melissa

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