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Where are those goggles?

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Swimming goggles disappear around here. Supposedly, he had 2 pair of them in his bag. At swimming, there were none. HUH? Where are they? I hate misplacing things. Drives me up that ever loving tree and down again. Geesh. Now I have to go over to the next town to the swim shop and find some more. Please, let them be found!

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Ironing board? What's that? :lol:


I am thinking they must have fallen out when he pulled out his towel in the hall area today and we didn't notice. No clue otherwise.


We don't have any sports stores in this town. I go to a swim shop in the next town. They are super nice there. They even opened the store one day *just for me*! I called and was asking the hours. He told me he would meet me there since it was the only time I could go. So, I like to give him the business if I can.


I also need to get him some practice suits and want to try them on first. So, we'll just head on over there.


He used them on Tues. but they were not there today! Oh well!

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