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Does Knowledge Box Central do this a lot?


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I had been planning on buying their lapbook for an Apologia course ds is doing at the end of September, but bought it in August when I saw the 30% off sale. About a week after the 30% off sale ended, they started a 40% off sale on everything. I was tweaked, but really it was no big deal. $3 right. Then, right after the 40% off sale ended, they started a big 50% off sale. I've been getting these constant e-mails pushing their big 50% off sale, and I'm now thoroughly annoyed. I didn't need the lapbook in August. I wasn't planning on buying it until now. Every new e-mail I get from them just seems to rub it in my face that I got jipped.


I've sent Cyndi an e-mail telling her what I think of her business practices and I've unsubscribed from their e-mail list. I've been homeschooling for 10 years, and I've never seen a company do this. Is this now normal business practice. I feel totally cheated, even if it is only $6.

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Guest ME-Mommy

In my short experience with KBC, YES -- they do it all.the.time. and it really got to me.


This combined with the fact that I purchased one of their most expensive products (complete timeline) and when I received the disk, they had only shipped the Ancients file. :glare: I contacted her right away and was questioned. I sent her a list of the files that were on my disk and she said they would send out another disk.


I waited and waited and waited. I emailed again -- no response. I emailed again and got the excuse that they had been busy with a move. Still no disk.


I finally had to threaten them with legal action before I got the disk I paid for. Almost a year had gone by since the original purchase. :001_huh:


I unsubscribed from their mailing list and have never visited their site again.

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