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Advice?--two really different kids


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I'm really conflicted about curriculum for my six year olds and would like some thoughts.


I've got one child who would thrive with a literature based curriculum. Pure Charlotte Mason would fit this child well as would something like Oak Meadow.

He would love a day with wonderful literature, story based or living books presentation of topics, and lots of free time to spend making up stories, drawing, painting, exploring nature, etc.

He's creative and the opposite of a sequential learner/thinker whatever that style is called and likely has some learning issues.


Then I've got his twin brother who is very much a hands on activities and projects, discuss things, interaction based learner.

Unit studies would fit him wonderfully.

He thrives on back and forth interaction and lots of talking.

He's a strongly auditory sequential thinker I believe. He's enthusiastic in just about every area and much easier to teach generally except that need for tons of "interact with me" time.


They would actually both be fun to teach in their own ways but together they are really hard. I don't know how to balance their needs.


I've planned a curriculum for the year in all subjects and I'd like to just be done thinking about it.

Most days in my schedule include something hands on along with books of course yet in time spent the hands on stuff takes the bulk of the lesson much of the time. And time taken is probably a little much I fear for guy #1 though so far he seems to be enjoying things. That said, when asked I'm sure he'd tell you he'd rather learning through stories.


I feel my lessons are better suited to guy #2 essentially. Yet because of guy #1's issues in specific areas I feel for most of their lives guy #2 has had his needs put second so I don't want to do that in school as well any more than I must.


I feel so very conflicted and sort of like I can't see the forest for the trees with this area for some reason.

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Some thoughts...


Can you read aloud while the hands on one is working on a project? For instance, have him building something with clay or Popsicle sticks or drawing a picture while they listen?


Also, can you stop every few pages and ask some questions or have him narrate back to you? That might help with the interaction need.


Hope that helps!

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Books on tape for #1. Projects in a box for #2. So, you can work with each child while the other is doing their thing. Then, maybe once a week a project for both to work on. (Once a week is much less work than daily!) And, do some read alouds for both.


Now that my daughter is older, she can make and (mostly) clean up her own crafts! It's great, she can create away and I just get to sit back and admire.


You could also consider something they both might enjoy, like a unit study with a strong creative or drawing element. Or, a nature study with things to do for child 2 and things to draw for child 1. (Learn a bit about pinecones, go find some. Child 1 draws pinecones. Child 2 builds things with pinecones, or takes them apart and studies them. Then, child 1 gets to draw the inside of a pinecone!)


If they are that different, it might actually be easier to try out teaching them separate in more areas and see if that doesn't work out better, although it seems a waste to not combine! But, if you are spending time that is more efficient by teaching them separate, it might not add much total time to your day.




I hope you figure out something that works for everyone!

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Howdy! If you've read Cathy Duffy's book, I have a "Perfect Paula" and a "Wiggly Willy" and they are 13 months apart. I pair these two together with school and we've got a system going...


First, hands-on learning is actually really good for the Perfect Paulas too. They really need to be taken out of their comfort zone (especially mine). Yesterday, to mark the end of our unit on Water Properties, we built model sailboats. Perfect Paula loved this, as well as the Wiggly Willy.


Second, we use Sonlight as a supplement. We're in Core 2. We do the Read-Alouds and the History. Perfect Paula loves the Read-Alouds, but Wiggly Willy will do combat roles through the living room and shoot his Nerf gun. Ya know...as long as he's in the room...and he's quiet...I know he's listening...:glare:


Third, I've found that the Wiggly Willy will probably surpass the Perfect Paula in Math. By Middle School, they'll probably be on the same page and I can combine them in that subject.


So far, these are some of my observations. I combine these two kids in Science, History, Latin, German, Geography/Map Skills (he's actually on grade level with her in this) and Read-Alouds. They work seperately, but at the same time on Math, Language Arts, Spelling and Reading.


You will get into a groove! :D I also have a Social Sue in K. Next year, she'll get thrown into the mix and it will REALLY be interesting. :tongue_smilie:


Good luck!

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