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question about new mexico hs laws


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I've been looking for info on whether k is compulsory in new mexico, or what age they go by.


Does anyone have this info?


Also, I found somewhere where it said we were required to keep a calendar of attendance at home, and another place said that was no longer required.






which site do you refer to for the most up to date and accurate info?



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here is another link i found...if you scroll down to the nm section...


would you understand it as saying, if you are 5 by sept 1st you must enter kindergarten, BUT you may be excused from kindergarten. Does the superintendent need to grant permission, or is it already granted if the parents consents? Does the under 8 bit mean that you can wait until they are 8 to start kindergarten?



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Yep - excused from K if you fill out the paperwork, but the year they are 7 (by September 1st) and 1st grade, schooling is mandatory. If they do not turn 7 until later in the fall, they would enter the next year, but I don't know if they would be 1st or 2nd at that point.

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My understanding is that you must certify that you school the required number of days. I think the requirement changed from 180 to 181 a couple of years back, but since we always had more days than the minimum I didn't pay a lot of attention.


The reason for the confusion is probably this. Before the law changed several years back (maybe about 2000?), you were required to turn in a prospective calendar for the upcoming school year with your yearly Notice of Intent. You also had to send a copy of the immunization record, and choose from a list of approved standardized tests in even numbered grades. Your notification, records, and test results were sent to the local district.


As you know, the way it works now is that notifications are sent to the state department of education The requirement for testing was dropped entirely. Attendance and immunization records are supposed to be kept on file by the home school operator. You don't need to turn them in anymore, but if there's an allegation of educational neglect or something the state does occasionally ask for documentation.


We started hsing in 4th grade, so I'm no help with kindergarten regs. I'm glad you've a reply about that.


As for authoritative websites, your link to PED is a good source, but occasionally they over-interpret the law and try to add extra requirements by means of policy statements. CAPE-NM (Christian Association of Parent Educators) always has always given us reliable advice which seems fairly well balanced. They give their views and make suggestions, but understand that people may have different convictions. They also try to keep PED within the plain reading of the law; it's sometimes an interesting process.




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