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If you use Edu-Track or HST

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Do you know if I can create just a transcript or do I have to add weekly info such as subjects, assignments etc? All I want to do is create a transcript and nothing else.


I have made my own but one of the schools Ds is interested in wants either:


GED-no way are we doing this.


Transcript from a service such as NARHS( I found a local one but I don't agree with their credit rating system and neither does the school we are applying too!)


One generated by a program such as Edu Track or HST

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I used HST+ (the basic does not have transcripts). For classes that I was not doing the whole lesson plan thing in I would just create 1 test each quarter and put her grade in for that. It makes a pretty nice transcript too, even with gpa on it.


Thats all I do with HST.


I just add a few assignments from each subject and it creates a nice transcript.

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