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Constellation games online?


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We're learning about stars this week in astronomy and I'd like us to learn some constellations. Myself included! I thought that the only ones I knew were the dippers, but it turns out they are asterisms, not constellations, so I actually know none of them:tongue_smilie:


I remembered this just-for-fun American Girl game


but wondered if there are any more, um, educational games online? For either my DD6 or myself:)

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After I posted, I finally had the sense to google "constellation game" :) I found some games but none that I really like so far. Cause I'm still REALLY clueless and they're all too hard for me;) Honestly, I don't know why I get so confused by stars!! This looks like a neat idea http://www.science-teachers.com/constellation_flashcards.htm

Perhaps is would help to recognize the constellations by themselves before trying to pick them out of a thousand other stars?

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