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If you did the Brooch Craft from STOW Ch 11


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Ok.. we wanted to give the Merovingian brooch a try from Chapter 11 from STOW Middle Ages.


The craft store didn't have 20 gauge copper wire.. they had 18.. 16.. 24.. I wasn't really sure if higher numbers were thicker wire or now.. so I tried 18..


The directions say to pound the wire flat.. we tried that today and it just kept snapping into little bits..


Is the 18 wire not "thick" enough? Or did I go wrong with craft store copper wire and need to find a small hardware store and get it there??


Any suggestions?

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We're not in SOTW 2, but the lower the number, the thicker the wire. So the 18 gauge wire is thicker than 20 gauge they're calling for. I have no idea how you'd pound it flat when that gauge wire is so thin. Gauge is the same (from my understanding) whether it's craft wire or wire you'd find from a hardware store. I would go to a hardware store (even Lowe's/Home Depot should carry wire, it doesn't have to be a small, independent store) and look at their 20 gauge wire to make sure it's the same...and, assuming that it is, I'd get a 14 or 12 gauge wire instead.

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