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I'm so upset!!!! Bugs!

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Almost 2 weeks ago I found bugs in my flour in the cabinet. I was upset, threw out the bags and didn't think much about it.


Well, now I've had to throw out my oatmeal (40lbs of it!), they got through a sealed container! I had to throw out all of my noodles (2 large bags of alphabet noodles, and regular large noodles), a large bag of barley, 2 bags of rice, a few bags of beans, as well as a few other bags of grains.


I can't easily replace most of that stuff. I had bought them at a bulk food store over 2 hrs away.


I'm so upset and mad at myself. I completely underestimated the bugs. I should have taken everything out right then, stuck it all in the freezer and cleaned every nook of my cabinets.


I've been slowly cleaning out everything. I'm out quite a bit of money, plus I can't just run and replace it. It was my supply for winter. :glare:


I just had to come here and vent. I wanted to cry when I realized how much was lost. Today I'm just angry.

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When I buy things in bulk, especially flours or pasta, I put it in a plastic bag and into my freezer for about a month before storing it in its final container. For me, this usually kills any bugs or eggs that might be in the product. I have never had a problem with finding bugs in anything after I have "cold treated" it. HTH and sorry this happened to you.

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