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X-post: Saxon Alg 1 solutions manual

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I have the 3rd edition homeschool set for Alg 1. There are only complete solutions for the tests. Has anyone used the 3rd edition solutions manual? On some reviews, users say it was a waste because it did not provide step by step solution for all of the lessons. On other reviews I have read it is very helpful. Can someone please clear this up for me? Does the solutions manual include solutions for every lesson? :confused:



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Thank you very much! It was actually the reviews on cbd that made me question the usefulness of the solutions book. I wasn't sure if the solutions pages that were shown as examples were actually the way the rest of the book was laid out. Since that is the case, the reviews are very confusing.


I know the answer key gives all of the answers, but sometimes my brain needs a little "refresher" when trying to find dd's error. She does use the teacher cd's and I know the step-by-step solutions are on those. But it is so much easier for me to look at the book to find out where she went wrong, than have to get the cd out. If she needs more of an explanation than what I can give her, then I have her go watch the solution of the cd. We have done it this way with 8/7 and it has worked very well.


Ok, I feel like I am starting to ramble and not sure if I am making any sense. :lol: Off to see if I can find the solutions manual used, or if I have to buy it new.


Thanks again for your help! :001_smile:

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You're welcome. I have no idea what those bad reviews were about. I think that sometimes people post who don't realize that the product they're posting about is different than what they've used. It may be that they had a simple answer key and not the Solutions Manual. Who knows. I'm like you - I like to see the steps in a book too. :)

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