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How do you schedule Lial's Alg 2

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We just got a copy of Lial's Alg 2 and the student solutions manual. It looks good but I don't know how to schedule it so he'll finish the book. Some units are longer and there are more problems to complete even if I just do odd numbers than my son is used to working. I don't want to overwhelm him. I've used curriculum that has the scheduling issues all worked out so I'm really a fish out of water here. How do you schedule this book out for the year?

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I allow 2 days on average for each section (occasionally 3). I usually split the lesson into 2 parts. One day dd reads the first 3 or so examples (working practice problems as the lesson progresses) and then works the ODDS in the homework that go with those examples. We often skip the first few odd problems in the lessons. The second day dd reads the rest of the lesson (again working the practice problems as she goes) and completes the ODD problems.


I schedule 2-3 days for the Chapter Reviews. I assign ALL of the problems up to the 'Mixed Review' part. I only assign the Mixed Review if she needs additional practice (RARELY).


One day for the test.


I assign Cumulative Reviews as needed.


I teach for mastery--DD must correct any missed problem before she hands in her work (other than tests). After I grade the test she reworks any missed problems--and a few others like it for practice! DD checks her own homework as she goes--or at least after every section (when the directions change).

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Jann, how far into Intermediate Algebra are you? He started Lial in mid-September after a couple of weeks with Saxon (not our cup of tea). I have scheduled the Lial lessons for ds the same way you have, except we do an hour and one half to two hours and he does ALL the problems instead of the odds because past years he has retained some but not enough of the material. So he usually completes about 25 to 35 problems per day and it takes him two days to complete a lesson. I am getting quite nervous as we are mid-April and only on chapter 7. He has to start working at his part-time summer job early June, and will be going to the high school in September. I can see as I flip through the end of the book that the material is absolutely essential, so he will definitely need to finish the book. When do you think your dd will finish the book?

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3 steps forward 2 steps back-- but making progress... she has learning 'differences'. Hopefully she will complete the text by next fall--if not she will just have to wait until the Spring semester to take College Algbra at the local CC.


My tutoring students are mostly in chapter 8-9 at this time (7th and 8th editions).


Much of the last chapters will be coveren in a Pre-Calc class--but it would be VERY helpful to have covered/introduced that material before then.


Just keep plodding along. If you need to, experiment with cutting back on some of the problems--just be careful.


Even with a part-time job your son should have plenty of time to complete the book by next fall. While the material in the last chapters is essential--I think those are some of the EASIER concepts too!

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Now, at least I know that we should start doing Algebra on the weekend. If the students you tutor are one chapter ahead of us, we should be able to play catch up and finish the book by early July. It would also be a good idea for him to start doing more of the cumulative review as well as he is going to have to take a placement exam to get into the senior class of the public high school this summer.


Then there is also the required summer reading (required by the high school, not me). Last year they had the seniors read three books, and one of them was Wuthering Heights. Ds would find this difficult to relate to I am sure...he loves books where the main characters are male. It's a "guy thing."

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