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Help!!! How do I make a slide show?

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My oldest ds, 15, is the newly appointed troop historian for his Boy Scout Troop. They're having a Court of Honor next Monday, and he's supposed to put together a slide show with pictures from the most recent summer camp and the two treks that went to Philmont. None of us has ever done a slide show. I know we'll need to pick some music, and a couple of boys/men gave him some photos on cd last night. Now what???? I'm hoping that this is easier than it sounds

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PowerPoint is user-friendly, I think :). It has fancy templates where you can plug in the text. On a slide for pictures, you go to 'Insert' then to 'Picture,' you can insert the pictures from the CD into the slide show. The pictures are easy to move around and resize in PowerPoint (in my experience).

It has been a long time since I have done one (probably with Office 2003), but I learned a lot through trial and error.




ETA - The 'Animation' option in the menu will help a lot with the final product. The Animation would have the transition tools (how one slide transitions to the next) and will let you set a speed so that the slide show 'plays' itself (you can also do this manually by pressing space bar to advance the slides). 'Slide Show' will be where you set the show up to play. I don't see a way to combine the music with the file, but I would go the easy route and just play the music separately while the slide show plays. Someone else may know?


Typing this quickly during morning break - hope it makes sense!

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Thanks for the Power Point idea. I really do want to sychronize the music with the pictures. Has anyone ever used Windows Movie Maker? I found a description here:




I used it for a class in high school. It is pretty easy to do, you add your pictures and time out how long you want them on there. You can add a music clip during the entire thing, and can even fade out the music and add another song or whatever. You can also cut the songs short if you want.

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You may want to check out Animoto: http://animoto.com/


Basically you upload all your stuff (videos, pictures, text), pick a song, and then they mix it into a video.


You can pay a small fee ($5?) to make a video. If you don't like the video they make you hit remix and it will produce a different version.


Here is an example of a video I made for my husband's birthday:


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