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Arghhhh! I need a curriculum fair!

Shelly in IL

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Do you belong to a homeschool group in your area?


Every year our group hosts a "Book Look." We get a room at the public library, and bring our favorite curriculum to display. We spend 2-3 hours walking around looking through other people's things and answering questions about what we brought. IT's very casual, and is one of the most well-attended events we have.


It started out with just a few friends meeting in a room at a church, and now we use one of the giant conference rooms at the library. :)



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How do I find one? In my quest for the "perfect" history program, I am effectively driving myself nuts!! I just need to see it all! Help me please! I live in the Wisconsin/Illinois stateline area, mid state. Thanks so much!


For the cost of attending a homeschool convention/curriculum fair, you can order the materials you want to look at yourself, and sell the ones you don't want to keep. The pluses are that you can evaluate in the comfort of your home according to your own schedule, and you can take as long as you need to. The only negative that I can see is losing money on the sale of the materials, but that's bound to be about the same or even less than attending a convention, gas, parking, food while you're there.


I did this many years ago when looking for high school English. I spent HOURS online reading reviews and opinions, but still couldn't make up my mind between two authors/publishers. Back then, I doubt these would even have been available at our convention to see, anyway.


I am SO glad I did this because I ended up not caring for the program that I was leaning towards using after reading all the reviews/opinions.


I sold the one I didn't keep for about $15-20 less than I paid for it, which to me was well worth being able to really evaluate the two side by side.


FWIW, to attend our convention would have been $30 in registration, gas for 60 or so miles each way, and parking for the day.



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