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Your favorite non-curriculum work


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I'm referring to anything that's not a complete curriculum - things like workbooks, printables, reproducibles, etc. I'm asking because this year I got an Evan-Moor Geography book for $10.95 and DD really enjoys it. I mean REALLY, lol. It seemed so simple to me, but she's actually retaining a lot from it. (Really, it's mainly map skills and landforms type information, with a little about the continents, but it's perfect since I'm doing my own homemade country studies with her.) It was this one: http://www.rainbowresource.com/product/Beginning+Geography/014180/1285045616-522158 Sorry, I can't remember how to link in text.


Anyway, thinking of how much we really like that book made me wonder what other things like that people have purchased and really, really enjoyed.

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We also enjoyed Mad Libs for many years (my 9 yo still likes them). Other things we've used that aren't curriculum per se, but help a child learn:


One child loved mazes for years. he actually attended brick and mortar K where the teachers had the kids doing lots of mazes. So we just continued it at home. We got all kinds of fun maze books.


Suduko - two kids went through an intensive phase for a couple of years. My oldest dd did them at night before she fell asleep. My middle son also went through a phase where that was a preferred activity when he had free time. My dh loves them and that's how he taught our youngest how to write numbers. She'd sit in his lap while he worked and then he'd let her write in the numbers.


Doodles and Anti-coloring books - my youngest dd loves all those doodle books. We've got them all except the latest. She even got a doodles calendar. Both these and the anti-coloring books would keep her busy while the older kids worked.


Search for books. You know those books where you are looking for hidden objects. We've got the classic ones but we also got one that teaches about history and another two that teach Bible stories.


Dot to dot books. I found one that taught skip counting that way.


Phonics bingo - there was a going out of business sale at a teacher store years ago. I bought a bunch of phonics games at half price. Money well spent!

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We have enjoyed all different kinds of geography and logic workbooks, as well as the Dover (and other) coloring books. There are coloring books for to cover almost any topic! My daughter loves to color.


I've been collecting the Anti-coloring, Doodle/Scribble books by various authors, we just need to get into them yet.

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We have used several of the SPECTRUM workbooks (phonics/spelling) and really really enjoy them-my son has done very well with them. We have used the SPECTRUM LITTLE CRITTER math books and he enjoys them (anything to make math more FUN). Our currect non curriculum fave workbook is Rand McNally Schoolhouse Beginner Geography and Map Activities-he is currently into MAPS and GPS and so this is right up that alley-he has really taken an interest in it! ;)

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I picked up a Problem of the Week workbook, made by The Mailbox, at a teacher store for $6.00. Its high interest math problems which require using all different kinds of problem solving strategies. We do one every Friday and my dc have really gotten into them. They compete to see who can come up with the answer first using different methods. They LOVE it when they get the solution before me.:D

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Guest Alte Veste Academy





regular playing cards for math war, etc.








Here too. My kids are loving the Learning Resources games (Sum Swamp, Dino Tracks, Money Bags, Alpha Bug Soup and Cooking Up Sentences).

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Love her art projects. We do one each week.


We do too. Love her stuff!


Similar to the Geography, my DS *really* likes Evan Moor's Daily Language Review. Each day has a small group of questions about spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc, then there is a sentence to correct. DS does not like language arts stuff, but he loves these worksheets.


Card Games like War and Uno are big around here too. We play War with the RightStart number cards.

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My kids love logic puzzle books. Critical Thinking company has some Mind Benders for early grades.


This year, my ds's 2nd grade year, I've started using puzzle books from Mindware. I think the books are designed for a little older than him, but because of the experience with Mind Benders, he was ready for them. Mindware's books have a lot more puzzles for the money, also.


I'm also having him use books from Prufrock Press. If you look through the sections, there are books for as young as K and 1st. I actually bought them at a school supply store in my area.


My ds is doing an Evan Moor geography book this year and really seems to enjoy it.

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