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Has my head been in the sand that long? There is a show called Weeds on cable TV!

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I just spent the last 30 minutes watching this on Netflix. It caught my eye, I was curious thinking it couldn't possibly be about what it's about and clicked play.


I cannot even believe this is on TV. We haven't had cable TV in years and I clicked on the top 50 movies to play on Netflix instant view.

Ok, I am thoroughly disgusted at the fact this is available for viewing. I am shocked at even the "base"ness of the premise of the show, much less the actual footage I watched!

Yep, I'm a prude and would much prefer this head of curls to stay in the sand! WOW!

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but....you would be surprised how many people smoke weed nowadays.....it is amazing.


I found this out for the first time as a waitress. Every single one of the waitresses I worked with and quite a few of the cooks and busboys smoked weed regularly.


I couldn't believe it.


Here I was 17 years young, and these people were befriending me and trying to get me to come to their parties and drink and smoke.:001_unsure:


And they all new I was a wholesome, no-nonsense, Christian girl who still lived at home with her parents.


I'm pretty sure a few of my neighbors do, when they think they can get away with it. They really think it's no big deal. But, I see it quietly stealing their quality of life.


A show like this would be right up their alley, I'm sure. Misery and company and all.

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