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S/O Husband's work hours

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Lets add some cheers for the hardworking mothers as well... why only dads?


The thread to which I was referring (S/O = Spin Off) was specifically about the hours our husband work. Cheering them on for working long, hard hours does nothing to take away from the work women do.


I am feeling especially appreciative of the time my husband spends at his job in order to take care of his family so I started this particular thread. If my husband posted here, he would probably start a thread in appreciation of the work I and other mothers do to take care of our families.

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I'm spoiled. I worked before ds was born and dh worked and did most of the housework, because my hours were longer. Dh is still great about the housework, works long hours doing hard physical labor (which gets harder as he is nearing 50), and does it so I can stay home and teach ds.


Thanks, Crissy, for the reminder to be grateful. It's been a hard summer, but things are falling into place now (no pun intended).

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