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Paging Dr. Hive...Deviated Septums

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Tell me if I could have a deviated septum. I've had problems a long time with stopped up nose feeling, but nothing to blow out. I asked my Dr to do allergy tests and it came back a few mild allergy tests. I mentioned it last minute, and she didn't look in my nose. After researching some more, I wonder if it is a deviated septum.


I usually just have one side stopped up, and it can change side to side within the same hour. I got to looking up in my nose and the opening farther back has one side smaller than the other, and I can see the middle "wall" of my nose sticking out farther on that side.


I did have an injury to my nose a couple of years ago. My ds was getting up from the floor right as I bent over. It did bleed a while, but I never went to the doctor.


Does anyone think it could be that, and is it something that should cause me to go back to the doctor?

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Sounds like my husband... Which, yes, would make it a deviated septum. He got punched in the face during a boxing match in basic. :tongue_smilie: Don't beat yourself up, even if you had gone to the Dr. right away, it wouldn't have made a difference.


My husband has found that the BreatheRight strips they sell at Walgreens/Osco/Costco/CVS/RiteAid work really well, and help him sleep through the night. All the Drs he talked to suggested surgery, even though everyone that he (my husband) knows who had the surgery said that it seemed worse after the surgery.


But that was years ago, so maybe they have other options now?

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Thanks so much. My breathing is more annoying than anything I guess. I forgot to say that sometimes I have odd sounds in my nose, but those come and go as well. I will say that my right nostril (which is the one appearing smaller inside and can see the protruding more) is the one most often the problem.


I wouldn't want surgery unless it caused breathing problems that were affecting my health.

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It could also be polyps. I had them and surgery did help. Sinus surgery is not fun, though... It could also be a chronic sinus infection. Did you have a ct of your sinuses?


I've not had any CT's of any kind. I hope I don't need sinus surgery. We had a 26 year old friend die in sinus surgery. His mom had it the same day right before him. His blood pressure dropped and they couldn't get him back. If it were polyps, wouldn't that side stay stopped up instead of it changing back and forth?


I am hoping I don't have to go to the doctor. We have a type of insurance that pays 100% at first, but then we have to pay 100%. My dd broke toes, I sprained a foot thinking it was broken, and my dh broke his arm this year. We are to the point of having to pay 100% of the costs.

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