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another MUS question


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Those that don't do grades often don't do tests. You can certainly tell if your child is understanding the material without the test.


We still use them because when you put the word "test" at the top of the page, my children stress a little more. When they do daily work, they redo until its perfect. A test is a one shot deal. I like giving them that opportunity to prove themselves. However, I admit to being a bit traditional on the topic.

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I don't feel the need to "test" at this point. Tests are something made up by classroom teachers to assess 30 kids on the same topic. I don't need a test to tell me what my child knows and what he/she doesn't. I correct their work every day and see exactly what they are doing. Also, I think parents expect tests from PS teachers... so they do them. Makes it easy to put a grade to a student's work also.


Once my kids are older (7/8th grade) I will probably put tests in front of them so they get used to them. I don't see any purpose before that though... our yearly required standardized test is enough!

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