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Wanting input on some arithmetic texts please

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I've been using Ray's Arithmetic and Practical Arithmetics by Strayer/Upton. I am curious what the more arithmetically/mathematically inclined think about these texts. Dd did not like Singapore even though I prefer it.


The reason I am using both: Ray's is a bit awkward for me to teach from. PA has more problems and quiz/tests. Both remind me of Singapore, I'm not well versed enough to put my finger on exactly why, maybe b/c they are difficult too?? And then I could be completely wrong....


At any rate I was hoping to get some feedback. Thanks...


I've done a search and found some thoughts--- to be more specific-- I'm looking for a critique from those who use Singapore...

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Some one w/experience using Ray's and/or Singapore? Am I asking a stupid question? Maybe I am....Is my question not clear?....In an attempt to rephrase ..IMO these programs seem adequate to Singapore BUT I have no idea if this is correct. Looking for strengths/weakness in comparing these 2 w/Singapore. Am I over thinking the issue? :confused: Thank you for any thoughts.:)

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My husband (a college math major and our family's math teacher) has been very pleased overall with Ray's, which he has used "as is." (We did not know about Singapore Math at the time we chose it, but would definitely have considered it carefully had we known of it then.)



-strong on number theory

-very strong in fractions (which is important to Algebra)

-good development of the mental side (mental arithmetic)

-constant use of word problems develops facility with that type of work (which, after all, is what real life involves)

-great price (four books, each intended to cover two years of work, non-consumable books can be reused)



-units are out of date, and adjustments must be made

-weak on negative numbers

-horribly small print that puts my middle-aged eyes out! :D A few of the diagrams are not legible.


***Caveat: we have only progressed through Book 3 as of yet, so we cannot speak to Book 4.


Hope this helps!

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I think the reason you didn't get a response is that not many people are familiar with Ray's. If Myrtle can't help, maybe you could post on the high school board or on the curriculum board? I think I remember people trying Ray's awhile ago (and they might have moved on to the high school board now, which is why I suggested it).

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