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IEW High Schoo Intensive - a hit!

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This is the third day that my 11th grader has been viewing the IEW High School Essay Intensive DVD and it is definitely a hit! We're using it for 1/2 hour daily as part of our English. My son, who stuggles with writing, actually is starting to use the language when talking about his own writing - words like "complex sentences" and "passive verbs" are flowing from his mouth! And not only that....he's now seeing the correlation between his Cambridge Latin studies and his English grammar - it was fun watching the lightbulbs in his mind flash when they mentioned passive participles and dangling participles. So far...a win-win situation!



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Thanks for sharing the information. IMO, one of the most important, and difficult, aspects of teaching writing at home is developing a vocabulary for talking about the writing process at a level above the specific topic for any one essay. Unless/until you can do that with a student, teaching and learning writing will be incredibly frustrating. My language arts mentor uses the term "developing structural awareness" for all the different aspects of language arts whether you're talking about phonics, spelling, grammar, syntax, or writing style. Sounds like you're off to a great start!



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