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5th grade logic help - after Minder Benders A

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My daughter will be done with the SWB recommended Mind Benders A series in a month or so. I'm wondering what to do for the remainder of the year. SWB says to do the Pre K - book A4 as the primary 5th grade logic work. (Which we'll complete soon). She suggests doing Red Herrings if there is time or desire. I just noticed, though, that the Mind Benders have a series B and C as well. Those who have used the curriculum, what do you think would be better - going through B and C or switching over to Red Herrings (I haven't looked into that yet - is it a completely new format etc?)



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I think the Mind Bender books are way too expensive and we just use Dell and Penny Press Logic books from the grocery store.


We have done Red Herrings. I think when my oldest was in 7th... Most of it was okay, but some we were not impressed with (wierd answers-we thought ours were better). Many complain that it just doesn't work well for one on one- it is designed for a classroom discussion.


We enjoy all kinds of logic activies. Some of our favorites-

Logic Links

Pirates Undercover

Maze Ways Mummy Mystery


Matchstick Puzzels

Building Thinking Skills

Rush Hour


All of these are fun and I usually leave one or two out on the table for them to play with.

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While the Mindbenders are good, they teach only a single, limited type of logic and develop only a single type of puzzle-solving skill. We found that doing a wide variety of logic and critical thinking puzzles from grades 3-8 was what was most helpful for developing those skills our students used in middle school/high school to be able to compare/contrast, analyze, see patterns and processes, etc. in algebra, history, science, literature, etc. -- as well as preparing our students for a formal Logic course in high school.


While the Red Herring books are interesting, they are designed to be used in a classroom, with the students asking questions to narrow down to the "out-of-the-box" type of solutions given in the book. Doing it together with just 2 sons was hard to use it in the way it was designed, and we often felt we came up with far more interesting or plausible solutions than those in the book. While useful, I feel some of resources I listed below were more helpful in developing overall logic and critical thinking skills.


BEST of luck, whatever you go with! Warmest regards, Lori D.




1. Logic Countdown

2. followed by Logic Liftoff (and do start with the gr. 3-4 book, even though you have a 5th grader -- it's a great intro into logical thinking!)

3. Critical Thinking Activities

4. Puzzlemania -- OR -- Dr. Funster books

5. play games once a week as a family fun night activity -- really develops a LOT of different thinking and strategy skills



logic books:

- Dandylion Logic series:

1. Logic Countdown = gr. 3-4

2. Logic Liftoff = gr. 4-5

3. Orbiting with Logic = gr. 5-7

- Logic Safari series (book 2 = gr. 3-4; book 3 = gr. 5-6)

- Connections series (by grade level) -- similar to the Dandylion series

- Mindbenders

- Perplexors (like Mendbenders)

- Puzzlemania books (collections of a wide variety of the best puzzles from Highlights magazine)

- Dr. Funster Think-A-Minutes (gr. 3-6)

- Dr. Funster's Creative Thinking Puzzlers (gr. 3-6)

- Critical Thinking Activities in Pattern, Image, Logic (gr. 4-6) -- by Seymour

- 10-Minute Critical-Thinking Activities for English (gr. 5-12) -- by Eaton

- reading/solving "mini-mystery" collections by Sobol, Conrad, Weber, Sukach, Obriest, and others



- Mastermind

- Amazing Labrynth

- 221 B. Baker Street

- Checkers

- Chess

- Boggle

- Scrabble

- Quarto

- Set

- Duo

- Scan (old Parker Brothers game, often available on ebay)


solo logic activities:

- Logix

- Scramble Squares

- Tangrams

- Rush Hour


puzzle pages:

- crosswords, word jumbles, anagrams

- codes, cryptograms

- sudoku puzzles

Edited by Lori D.
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