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x-post Does anyone use TOG to self-educate?

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I've used TOG Yr 4 Classic and Yr 1 Redesign with my kids--we were in a TOG co-op also. While I didn't use it specifically for self-education, I did learn a lot. I taught the dialectic, so those are the books I read along with the teacher's notes. I found the dialectic books very easy to absorb. And they're quick reads, which is a biggie for me as I'm a Very Slow Reader. I think the D books give you the essentials.


If you want more detail, I'd go with the R books. Ds1 did R for Yr 1, but since I didn't teach that class I didn't read much of of it at all. The mom who did teach the R history read SWB's History of the Ancient World along with TOG and she raved over it. So that might be another option for you.



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