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By Way of the Family

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Hey all. I put in an order for the Foerster's Algebra 1 solutions manual to this business and although they have charged my cc, I have not gotten any information on my order. I don't even know if my order went through!


I placed the order on Sept 9 and cc was charged on the 10th. No email, no return of my calls, nothing.


I did send out an email today regarding this so we'll see if I get anything back (I'm not expecting an answer) but anyone here know what's going on with them?? Her first test is this week so I really wanted to be able to grade it right away.

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Ok, still haven't heard ANYTHING from them and it has been 14 days since I put my order in and they charged my credit card.


I have left messages, email........so I called again today telling them that I need to hear from them or I am considering calling my cc and disputing the charge!


I will never order from them again. I will never recommend them to any of my homeschool friends.


I'm really not hard to please but I think doing business this way is ridiculous! :thumbdown:

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When I went to purchase Foerster books, I found that Pearson was much more reasonably priced than By Way of the Family.


what did you send them to prove you were a homeschooler....something from the school district? like the confirmation letter that you are homeschooling?


I didn't want to go to the trouble of setting up the account but maybe I'll have to.

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