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Q: Ingrown toe nail

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The Dr. took off both sides of ds's ingrown toe nail off in June. Now the toe is once again getting infected--assuming from yet another ingrown nail. I have left a message for the Dr. to call me about it. I have never had this problem before, so my question is, Do you think we should have to pay for the procedure to be repeated??? It has only been 3 months!


BTW: The Dr. put some sort of medicine on the toe after he trimmed the toe nail. He said that this would stop the nail from growing on the side.

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Whe DH has his toenails done, the DR cut the nail root and that part of the nail never grew back. I would recommend this, not just cutting the offending nail, but eliminating it!




:iagree: This! I had to have this done after years and years of suffering from ingrown nails (they started when I was child, it had nothing to do with my heels!) and it made a HUGE difference. I had the nail cut off time and time again and after a few months ended up with the same issue. I finally got a doc who sent me to a podiatrist and she cut the nail root and burned it so that it won't grow back on the sides any more. So. Much. Better.

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In the mean time, I'd have him soak the toe in a water-and-Betadine solution a couple of times a day. After letting it soak for ~10 minutes, gently push the cuticle back and try to work the toenail free just a little. It won't be fixed in a soak or two, but it can help prevent infection and possibly allow you to free the toenail without surgery. If this is an ongoing issue, I'd soak (not necessarily in Betadine) and gently push the cuticle out of the way a couple of times a week after this as well, as a preventative.


That said, my brother had ongoing ingrown toenail problems and opted to have the offending nails removed permanently. He seems content with the choice and happy not to deal with this any more.

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