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abeka 5th grade science


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I'm still trying to decide if I should keep going with e=mcq science or go ahead and switch DD to something else. I was looking at Abeka because we both prefer a textbook/workbook approach and I like that a health unit is built in. But I can't decide. :glare:


Every time I do an e=mcq experiment, I either can't figure out what we are measuring OR the experiment doesn't work correctly. Although DD doesn't complain, I know she is bored with it.


If you use abeka science, is it hard to implement as a teacher? does it have experiments to help teach scientific method? are they good at-home experiments?

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I used ABeka science through 4th grade, didn't use 5th but I sort of know it's a bit like 4th only a little deeper. ABeka is very factual, and kids who inhale facts love it, my oldest was a great one for that. One of my favorite things about it was that because it was designed to be used for three out of the four quarters of the year, I would have a fighting chance of actually finishing it, lol. I did the health at the same time and take my time with it, so that I would be able to finish or come close to finishing each one.


I have found ABeka elementary lesson plans in general to be easy on the teacher (if you get the curriculum/lesson plans book); that's another thing I liked about ABeka's elementary courses. For me they were easy to follow.


As far as experiments go, I don't remember too much; I didn't do very many of them, but from what I can recall, they were well received by my son, and I think the materials are easy enough to gather without having to buy a kit somewhere.


Hope that helps!

All the best to you as you search for just the right thing.


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