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Can payment for time be included in a grant request?

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Most grants pay salary costs, but check the specific information for this program. They should state what expenses they will or will not cover. If they don't specify, assume that you can include reasonable hourly costs for your time. You will probably need to be able to justify the amount you set, either by demonstrating that it's the going rate or by demonstrating that it's what you usually charge.

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From the grants that I have been part of, we have always used "in kind" labor as part of our monetary contribution. So if we apply for a grant that requires any sort of match, we can usually cover most of our part using donations of labor rather than shelling out a bunch of money. But I can't speak for all grants, so I would ask.


Oops, I think I read it wrong. You want your salary to be covered as part of the grant. I don't have any experience with that.

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