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Math ideas for creative, right brainer

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My niece is currently attending Catholic school, with no hopes of homeschooling. She is having trouble in math==3rd grade. According to what I've been told, she can memorize the facts, but cannot apply it to problems. She is a very bright, creative, artistic little girl with little to no self-esteem and the troubles in math aren't helping. Her mom and grandparents are looking to supplement what she's getting in school in order to help her do well.


I already suggested Addition the Fun Way and Times Tales. Is there anything else? Especially anything with an art component? Thanks in advance



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Yuck. I hate it when schools drop the ball with kids.


I still don't have suggestions for what you're wanting but I got this book when someone here suggested it for my right brain son who was really struggling with similar areas. I checked it out from the library. He showed on the screening he had learning issues in the math area as I suspected. I did the remedial work in the book with him and it has seemed to make a difference though time will tell of course. At any rate it might help them to identify a particular area they could either address or try to compensate for if it is also her issue. This book also has ideas for learning issues in various areas and might be helpful though I've not looked at it in a while to say for sure.


I know you're looking for teaching ideas and it's certainly worth doing that. Craft's materials might a be a good source. http://www.diannecraft.org/article-007.htm

However, those symptoms sound "learning disability possible" to me given my experiences with my son so if they can come at it from that angle too I think it would be most beneficial.

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