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Shepherd anxiety/digestion follow-up

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This is especially for the person who posted that she was trying to manage issues with a shepherd. To refresh your memory, we have an older shepherd with a lot of accidents.... The vet says he basically has irritable bowel syndrome and has recommended two things that have drastically cut down the number of accidents: 1 tablet of prescription Metronidazole daily (it's bitter so we crush it between two spoons and mix it with peanut butter so it's a treat) and 1 tablespoon of flavorless Metamucil added to his food daily (just the larger spoon you might use for soup as an adult, but not a large serving spoon). The latter might sound counterintuitive (our shepherd often has loose stools), but we're making some real progress. His anxiety is better, too, because he's not feeling sick so frequently.


I hope you get this. I'm not sure how to find the messages I've posted, and I can't seem to remember your name. I just wanted to let you know! :grouphug:



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