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Is a microscope necessary for Apologia Biology?

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We have enjoyed watching the companion CD along with reading the text. The microscope is used during the earlier modules to view things you can't see with the naked eye but you could just as well find images on the internet.


There are a few modules that are pretty dry and we actually looked forward to the dissections to break it up but you could also find those online too, I'm sure.


Our experience,

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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I knew someone else had to have asked this question! :D I wasn't expecting it to have been so recent though! Having just totaled up what it looks like I'll be spending for this coming school year, I need to try and cut something, but the microscope and slides is about the only thing I'd be willing to part with.. so...


My related question to the OP - assuming that I stick with Apologia until graduation - are there any other courses besides Marine Biology and Advanced Biology that would need a microscope in order to justify the purchase? At this point I don't know if we'll even be doing either of those courses, but they're far enough down the line I can revisit the issue later if need be.

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