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We're getting a Great Pyrenees puppy!

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We finally found a breeder that we are happy with and have reserved a puppy. He won't be born til around Oct 18, and we won't get him until he is 8 weeks old, but he's a comin'!! :lol: yay!!


He should be here just in time for Christmas. :party: I think we are going to name him Frosty!


Here are his parents...










I love their 'polar bear' look!


Thanks to everyone who helped me learn more about this breed. I am looking forward to loving him!

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I cant wait to see Frosty pics. I love all your animals, I can still remember the day the cow was born.


:) You are so sweet! As of a couple weeks ago, we are now cowless. ha. When I think of getting a puppy, even though it will be a lot of work at first, I just keep thinking, "It's not like having a milk cow. We don't have to milk it!" :D

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OH MY!!! What a GORGEOUS dog you will have! I am envious!


I truly need a puppy fix. NOTHING warms my heart like a puppy with a bulging belly and puppy breath. May I please have him/her for a few days? I promise to return it!!!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE???!!!:D


Well, they are supposed to have lots of socialization...:rolleyes:

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