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If you are doing the Beta testing for SWB Writing with Skill...


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would you do it while doing another intense writing program? My 5th grader aspires to be a writer and he is happy to do multiple things at one time to improve himself. BUT I originally signed him up to be a beta tester when his IEW co-op class was cancelled. His teacher (from last year) had several who couldn't make it in class b/c of scheduling so she opened up another class with better hours and he is now in that. He is not doing IEW at it's hardest but it is very challenging this year. Now I have the WWS and I want to do that too but don't want to scare him off from writing by giving him too much.


All that to say, if you have an advanced writer, would you let them do two intense programs in the same year?


Thank you for your opinions/thoughts. I really want to do both but am unsure if that's wise.

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I posted a similar question a few days ago my post

I'm planning to go ahead and do it. The skills are different enough from IEW and I really do think my dc need them (I plan on having my 7th grader do at least the outlining as well).


If it proves to be too much - I can always drop it. The good news is that it is written towards the student and on first glance I think my children can handle it without requiring much of my time - which is a good thing!!

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