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Will you play "Name This Rash"?

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Ds has had this rash on one hand for the past week. Dh has been putting hydrocortisone cream on it, which is obviously not working. This morning, we noticed it on the second hand. Ds says is doesn't itch, although he will occasionally scratch it. He says it doesn't ooze but that it sometimes gets hard on top.


It doesn't appear to be poison ivy, although we have quite a bit of it around.


I am so oblivious that I didn't even know about the rash until this a.m.


Thanks for your suggestions!


(Click on picture to enlarge.)


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I'm not that familiar with rashes in general, but ds got a similar looking rash on his chest last summer. At first, his ped thought it was a eczema related rash and gave him a prescription strength cortisone cream which didn't help at all.


Next we saw his allergy/asthma Dr. and he said it was a fungal infection and gave us a fungal cream. Didn't work and the rash was spreading at an alarming rate, and it itched something fierce.


Finally went to a dermatologist, who confirmed that it was a fungal infection but b/c it was too deep in the skin now (the eczema/cortisone diagnosis allowed it to spread and deepen) the fungal cream was too weak to be effective and ds now needed an oral fungal prescription. Within 24 hours of taking the first pill we could see improvement and it was completely cleared up within a week.


All of that to say, if the cortisone isn't working, seek a dermatologist's opinion b/c it could be doing more damage than good. I hope you get it figured out quickly.

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Well, to add something new, sometimes when I have a new patch of psoraisis break out it will look like that in the beginning. That is how it looked near my hands. But I would really recommend a dermatologist. My son broke out in a rash similar on his legs once and it turned out he was allergic to the chemicals used to celan carpet at a hotel we were frequenting.

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My guess is impetigo. I had it about a year ago, all over my face, and that's what it looked like.


If you google impetigo remedies there's one out there that calls for steeping rosemary and thyme (both fresh) in hot water for 5(?) minutes, then straining it and applying it to the skin repeatedly throughout the day. It will clear it up, but I would definitely suggest going to the Dr. as well (at least to get it looked at and possibly to get an antibiotic so it can kill it quicker).

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