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Can you take an AP exam without having taken an AP class?

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My daughter is in public school this year. She was in a Pre AP class and not doing well. To be honest, I think it was a horrible teacher. He seemed to have the idea that giving bad grades out means he's a good teacher. I have a BA in writing and I used to teach middle school English. I personally looked over all her papers before they were handed in and he still was giving her a 75. He told the class that no one ever gets an A from him and that a 75 is generally the highest grade he gives out. I had her removed from his class and placed with a teacher whose goal is to actually teach. SO...my question is that if my daughter does not take an AP class for a certain subject, can she still take the AP exam? I don't know if this is a prerequisite or not.

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Yes, you can take an AP test without taking an AP course. If your dd needs to take the test at her high school, however, you should check with the administration to see what you need to do to register her for the exam. Reminder to self!: I need to do that for my son - he is taking 2 AP courses, but needs to test at our local Christian High School. I am curious about the Pre-AP thing. Generally, if a course is labeled Pre-AP it is designed to get the student ready to take an actual AP course which will then prepare the student for the actual test. Was your dd's course truly Pre-AP or actually AP level? Either way, if you want her to take the exam, be sure to do lots of self-prep at home. Barron's test prep books generally get good reviews. Hope this helps and good luck!



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