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Biology-need secular resources middle school


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Ds is very interested in studying biology, especially marine biology--I piece our science together and we have either already used the recs in TWTM for logic stage biology or I don't think they will work for us. I need lots of ideas for books, websites, dvds, experiments, really anything.

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Have you looked at The Way Life Works by Michael Hoagland? I really like this for biology. I got the hardback version used for a fairly good price. My kids like the illustrations, and it has helped give me the ability to explain things in more depth. I plan to use it as a spine next time we do biology. It was recommended in LCC for middle school science.



for dvs - Blue Planet is the best. I love those videos oceans and things.

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Last year we did Life Science for 6th, with CPO and The Way Life Works. We also read a lot of supplemental books - I put them in another post recently. I have to go out in a couple of minutes, but if a search doesn't find it for you by the time I get back, I'll try to find the list...


I'd love to see your list!

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Coming a little late to this thread ...


I've no first hand knowledge of this, but it looks like an intriguing study:


High School Biology with Living Books by Jamie McMillin


You might find some good resources in these past threads some of which were on the highschool board.


Modifying Natural History Syllabus(MODG) for a middle school student


Any suggestions for living books for Biology?


Biology in the Movies


9th grade secular Biology




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