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Have you ever thought of this? (re: bookmarking websites)

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I have all kinds of great recipes, homeschool forms, etc. bookmarked but not printed out. I just started thinking... how long are these available? Could it be that one day I will try to click on a favorite recipe only to see that it has been removed and is gone forever? Ugh.. it would be horrible. Maybe I need to start printing.

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Yep! One of my all time favorite muffin recipes was removed one day and I nearly cried! lol. Luckily I had printed it months before and found it in my filing cabinet :D


Definitely print those recipes you want to use!! And any ideas, maybe jot them down in a notebook as well as bookmarking.

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If you don't want to print the recipe, form, etc. save it as a pdf. It will be on your hard-drive when you need it.


On Macs you can clink "print" and then "save as PDF" and it basically "prints" a digital copy and saves it on your computer. I'm sure there's a PC equivalent. Why waste all that paper?



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If you have Office, OneNote is great for this. It's like having virtual binders, and when you want to print, formatting it to look any way you like is easy peasy.


I copy and paste a LOT of things into OneNote. In fact, that's pretty much all I use it for. It's my great big digital scrapbook (in the oldest sense of the word). Oh, and it's search-able. That feature alone was worth upgrading office. Being able to search my stuff (because I'm not that organized!) and have it actually work. Heaven! :D

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