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Difference between Elementary Greek and Hey, Andrew, Teach me Some Greek?

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I'm not certain about the differences between Elementary Greek and Hey Andrew. Elementary Greek seems to move a bit faster, but I haven't used it. As far as Hey Andrew, when I researched HS credit on the Hey Andrew forum, each level 5 and up is a year of high school while 3 & 4 together would make a full high school credit... if I remember correctly. :001_smile:

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Hey, Andrew definitely presents fewer vocabulary words and presents declensions and conjugations less clearly. We worked through the 4th level only. Maybe the higher levels change.


My ds used Elementary Greek I-III (okay, about half of III). This year, we switched over to Mounce, which is a college/seminar text. He's sailed through the first 8 chapters with nary a hitch! Woohoo!!!


Elem. Greek did a nice job teaching declensions and presented a fair about of vocabulary. It is very much self-teaching and involved NO work on my part. With Hey, Andrew, I had to step in to explain some things.


We granted high school credit for Greek I/II (one year) and Greek III (second year).

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We are really liking Elementary Greek for my 8th grader. He is totally self teaching and going much faster than a lesson a day. It appears to be written for a grade schooler but really isn't babyish so he doesn't mind. So far everything is explained very clearly and laid out very straight forward. I do agree one book would not be a full high school credit.

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My 11yo dd just started Level II of Elementary Greek, and we love it. We love that it's broken down into bite-size chunks and covers just enough material in each. Sometimes she does it independently. I know that an older student could go through it faster, particularly one who is proficient in English grammar. I don't think I'd consider it high school level, though. I say that because it doesn't seem deep enough for high school, if that makes any sense. My dd is studying the series in preparation for taking high school level Greek online with Lukeion.org. Having had my oldest dd take high school Latin with Lukeion, and assuming that Lukeion Greek will be similarly intense, tells me that there's no comparison between EG and what I would imagine high school Greek to be. Then again, I haven't studied Greek myself beyond what I've done with my dd and EG, so I don't really know what a high school Greek course would cover. I would expect it to have much more translation and cover deeper grammatical concepts at a faster pace, though.



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I thought I'd bring this post to your attention as it might be of interest to those with a child studying Greek.


My daughter took an out of the home course in Ancient Greek using the text Thrasymachus: Greek Through Reading by Peckett and Munday and enjoyed it very much.


For those studying at home, the following site might be of interest:






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