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So how are the families with seniors doing?

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I am still a bit numb -- between the college thing and dd2's diabetes, this has been an interesting month!


Dd's diabetes care is going wonderfully -- thank you ALL for your prayers.


And ds has made the big decision -- he is going to Washington & Lee. His sister is a freshman there. I think it is SO cool that they will be at college together! (Dd1 and ds1 are very psyched about attending together too!)


We still need to tie up a few loose ends -- ds needs to have his medical form completed and he needs to finish letting the other colleges know that he won't be attending. But otherwise he just needs to take 5 final exams and three AP exams and participate in one last debate tournament. Then we need to do the graduation party! Hurray!


I am already starting to delete various college admissions websites from my favorites lists! I am giving a talk on homeschooling high school tonight, but after that I shall BURY all of my college admissions books for at least three years! (ds2 is entering 9th).


How are the rest of you with seniors doing? What are your kids' plans for life after graduation?


Grace and peace to you and yours as your days of homeschooling your senior wind down!


Relaxing with a cup of coffee and thinking about what a wild ride it has been,


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So glad to hear that things are going well for your daughter as regards her diabetes care.


And congratulations to your son for having made his decision. How exciting!


I think your audience tonight will benefit from all your hard won expertise. I'd love to hear your talk too.




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Thank you for sharing so much valuable information with the rest of us on this board. It has been an education in itself.


While parents of seniors may be reeling, this parent of a 10th grader is as well. There was the ACT (with optional essay) last Saturday. The State Envirothon competition is forthcoming. Then there is the AP Bio exam and the SAT bio subject test.


One of my best friends who lives in San Francisco was sweating all this stuff out before her son began college. She was not a homeschooler--her son attended a private high school. But most of the parents of high schoolers around here are almost indifferent to the process. It makes me wonder sometimes if I am an overly involved parent. So many other parents don't seem to be participating in decisions regarding their kids' class choices, the College Board exams, their extracurriculars, etc. They do few college visits. The attitude seems to be "let the kid figure it out". How is a high school student suppose to figure out which college is the right fit?


I admire those parents who strive to be teachers and advisors. My hat is off to you Gwen.



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most of the parents of high schoolers around here are almost indifferent to the process. It makes me wonder sometimes if I am an overly involved parent.


There have been times when I have thought this as well, most memorably when I was caring for dd during the week between her breaking her arm and the doctors finally casting it. It just seemed that I was the only mom I talked to who was caring for a child with a broken bone in such an intense, proactive way. Everyone else was saying, "Meh, it's in a sling, they'll get it in a week," but for us it was elevation, ice, pain meds, sleeping upright in a LaZboy--the only way she'd get any sleep, keeping the dogs from jumping on her, and on and on.


Sigh! Some of us mother more intensely, methinks.



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Congratulations on your ds's fabulous choice! I'm sure that he'll love W&L. And how lucky he is to have an older sibling there to show him the ropes! Yes, enjoy that relaxing cup of coffee and nibble on a premium bar of chocolate-- you certainly deserve it.


I've been away from the computer for a week or two and see that you've had an "interesting" time recently. It must have been very scary but I'm very delighted to hear that your dd2's diabetes is now under control.





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He's off to college in the fall, hopefully. The medical forms are all done, except that he has 2 more shots he has to get. The college asked that he take intermediate algebra at the CC since he's been out of school for awhile. That, to my relief, seems to be going fine. He says it is easy, a promising sign for the future. He's mourning leaving his dog and his job, but he still wants to go. Things were pretty intense at the end of winter, but now other than figuring out the money, I think we can relax until Aug., which is going to be wildly busy.


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So glad to hear of Gwen's dd's diabetes situation going well.


Until recently we were still considering four colleges: UC Davis, Cal Poly, Westmont and Biola, all here in CA. We've just about made our decision. It has been a very difficult year, process, and month. I really believe in the April Angst. We are just sending in forms now and will have to reject the other offers. It seems like we have a lot to do still but being so close to that decision makes it so much easier. Grad party, proms and formals, pictures, and all that jazz is up the road also. Then it's the summer before dd leaves, which I'm sure will zoom by, prepping for the leave.


Comment on seniors in schools: I have seen a different side of some public school kids/parents. My dd attended public school in 9th and 10th grades. She was in the IB program. It's fun to see all her former classmates getting all excited to be admitted into the colleges, many prestigious ones, that they desired. The "IB parents" seem to be very involved in this process. They tend to be at monthly meetings and ask pertinent questions and be very active in their kids' decisions. They have been with them on all those college choice activities, such as visits, applications, etc. A lot of them are very strict and very focused parents who want the best for their kids.


Anyway, we're hanging on and hanging in. We're doing much better with a lot more peace ... so glad. It's been an interesting and educational year. The next one will be in three years.



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