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Kindle mamas~

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My friend's DH just ordered her a Kindle for her birthday. (I still can't get used to the idea.) But I'd really like to make her a cover for it. I found the perfect pattern and I'm so excited. I asked her which she has and she responded, "Oh just the $139 one." Which one is that?! Is that considered the Kindle2, Kindle 3, or the New Generation? I ask because they are apparently different sizes and that's going to be important. :D



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It should be this one:




I'll also explain in case the link doesn't work. There are 3 versions out right now. The DX is the one that is different in size; it's bigger and more expensive. Then you have the regular Kindle with either 3G and wi-fi (constant access to the Kindle store), or just wi-fi (access only when you are near a wi-fi network). Those two are the same size.


and I guess I could cut to the chase and tell you that the size is 7.5" x 4.8" x 0.335". Target has both Kindles and Kindle cases/covers on display if that would help.


How are you going to make her a cover?

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I wish it was my idea but it isn't.


This link had been posted in another forum (HyenaCart) and I ran across a beautiful one someone had made. This led me to the pattern. It's a bit like a book cover, but it holds your Kindle. I knew she was getting one for her birthday and she loves handmade. :)




There is a pattern for the Kindle sleeves as well. Great idea, and inexpensive pattern. Thank you for the help!

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