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Denver, CO things to do on a very, very tight budget?

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Hi! We have the opportunity to be in Denver on Saturday, for the day. We have never spent any time there, except at the zoo, and I am wondering if there is anything fun to do, that doesn't require a lot of $$$, for 7 people? It seems that there is an Earth Day festival outside of town a ways, that is free...so that may be a good option. Does anyone know of anything else? Not the Coors factory.


Are there any markets that would have interesting things to see? Neat, big book stores? Outdoor activities that aren't far from the city?


This trip couldn't have come at a worse time, as far as money goes, but we all need a little bit of a break anyway, so we are trying to make the most out of it!:001_smile:



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Well we have a couple inches of snow on the ground right now, so being outdoors may not be the best bet, but the forecast does say it is supposed to be nice by Sat, so it might work out for you.


There is a nice playground around to the back of the zoo called City Park. It has a large castle structure that my kids love.


Lookout Mountain Nature center is one of our favorites, but bring a coat and make sure it is open this early in the year.



Here are some free tours that I keep in my field trip folder:



candy factory, free tours




Denver Mint tour, free



Geology Museum free


If all of your kids are over 5, Celestial Seasonings also offers free tours.



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We went to the Mint this summer (or the one before that) and while it's free, you have to stand in line and wait to get tickets. We got our tickets, but they were for several hours past the time we got them -- we had to "waste" time. We went to the Denver Art Museum.


I haven't been to downtown Denver in years and years (aside from the Mint and DAM) but I've heard the Tattered Cover bookstore is there now -- the best bookstore on the planet.


I think it would be a fun day to explore downtown.

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