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Got a new computer; now I can't find my Outlook Express-HELP!

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IIRC, Windows 7 isn't compatible. You have to use their email program, Windows LiveMail, or download something else, such as Mozilla Thunderbird.



That is good to know. Must be where I lost OE. I was looking for something simpler than Outlook when I realized I couldn't find OE.


I tried Thunderbird and really disliked the format.

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Oh, NO! I ran a search and it's just like a brand new email account with nothing in it! This is terrible! Is there any way to sign into my email account from the old computer for it? I had some things in there I needed to save. I just assumed I could access it from the new computer! :tongue_smilie:

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It sounds like you have not set up your e-mail account in the new computer yet. In Windows Mail, it's under the Tools menu (accounts). You then enter the server info etc. May need to call tech. support. I have gmail which is sent to my Windows Mail. Mine is just entered as pop.gmail.com for incoming and smtp.gmail.com for outgoing. (You would probably just use whatever your provider's server name is--whatever tech support says...) Enter username & password in the appropriate box etc.


E-mails are actually files by the way. If you still have the old computer, they'll be in it. Not sure how to transfer over though since it's been a while since I've never actually done it. If you can get both online, you could send them to yourself by forwarding them.

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