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Favorite Vegan cookbooks? I have 3 in my Amazon cart....

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Hi Denise,


As a veg since childhood and a cook (writing my own vegan family cookbook in my "spare" HAHA time), here's my 2 cents about your picks...


I think Vegan with a Vengeance and Veganomicon are great cookbooks, BUT...these books' usefulness to you will depend heavily on: 1) your overall cooking prowess 2) the amount of time you have to spend cooking and 3) well stocked pantry/accessibility to lots of ingredients. I always hesitate to recommend these to people I know are new to cooking/veganism and to people who have really busy lives (like me!). The authors cook. For a living. They don't have kids and they're not homeschooling moms. The recipes rock. The food is delightful. My fav vegan restaurant seems to use a lot of their recipes-- for good reason. For once in a while special meals or indulgence, or for the person with a lot of time to spend on meal prep, these books are fab. But for day to day use, novice cooks or new vegans, I think these cookbooks will be too impractical for everyday meals. You might check out the Post Punk Kitchen blog and try some recipes from the books to see how you feel about them before buying the full books.


I actually don't have Vegan Planet- haven't even looked at it. So sorry, can't comment on that one. But, it looks pretty good-- you might have prompted me to add to my Amazon cart :)


One other note: the Madison cookbook that was recommended is not vegan-- pretty sure it's ovo lacto veg.


The "Garden of Vegan" and "How it All Vegan" books are okay. Simpler than VWV and Veganomicon. But, not terribly original and pretty redundant (definitely avoid la dolce vegan). But they've got easy to pull off recipes so might be an okay resource.


Also, there are a lot of vegan blogs these days. Tons of recipes to be had- free and at your fingertips. And, I always find veg cookbooks at used bookstores.


Feel free to PM me if you ever need a recipe for something particular :)


Good luck!


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Donna Klein's books are my favourites. I have the Mediterranean and Italian books. If anyone sees fit to give me Christmas money, I'm going to buy her other vegan book. The Indian Vegan Kitchen is my other favourite. The Miso Book isn't 100% vegan but it gets a lot of use too. Making the same recipes with different types of miso has given us a good idea on how it works in a recipe.



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Veganomicon is great:thumbup1:. We love it. I like to pick out one of the "fancy menus" from the back of the book to make once a week. It has recipes for all the vegan basics :homemade seitan, lots of ways to cook tofu, nice salads, soups, desserts (including a recipe for vegan Nutella!!).

I refer to this cookbook several times a week.

It's also the book that I store all my printed-out recipes from Vegweb (which I was going to link to, but apparently the site has been attacked:eek:)

The above book, and Where It All Vegan, are pretty much the only vegan-specific cookbooks I use on a regular basis (and I have a whole bunch!).

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