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Million Minute Challenge

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How's everyone doing so far? I set a goal of 300 minutes for my family this fall and we're at 275 already! For some reason we got out of the habit of playing games in the evening during the summer, I am so glad we are back to it. Sometimes DH and I will play something, just the two of us, after the kids go to sleep. Ah the romantic life of being married with kids. :001_smile:


I'm now on the lookout for new games for Christmas too. We play a lot of Carcassone, Animal Yhatzee, Frog Juice, Quiddler, and Shout Words (which we got free in the sign up package) but I'm always on the lookout for more games.

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We have played a lot of games and are having a group game party this weekend.

We are at 240 minutes so far for just our family.


We have a group of friends that we regularly get together and have dinner with - this time I invited them over for a game night instead of a regular potluck. It's a good reason to have people over.


What games are you playing at your party?

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