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Question for cc prayer askers

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I am so moved, sometimes to tears, feeling troubled even off line, by some of the prayer requests. I want to know if those of you who specifically ask for "prayers" want anyone else can to send good thoughts and feel compassion to respond to those threads. I'm not saying whether or not I pray, because I don't want to skew the answers one way or the other. I just know there are some people on this board whose compassion and good thoughts might be over looked due to wording.


So, Christians asking for prayers, do you want others to offer :grouphug: and warm wishes, or do you feel it is unnecessary in the capacity of which the request is made? Do you feel confident that the well-wisher and good-thought-sender is enough to be heard and thus help make the difference?


Sorry to ask so blunt of a question, since so many prayer request are of such a sensitive nature, but I've been wondering this for a while. I see some posters who I know are compassionate individuals not posting on such threads, and I wonder if they feel "worthy" to post on such a request.


Thanks for sharing your input,

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People have asked this before and the answer has always been that all sorts of prayers or good wishes are welcome. At least that has been the answer I've seen and that is the answer I would give.


I remember reading them, and I know several of the older posters welcome well wishes, but I have noticed an influx of new posters and I'm just putting it out there for them, as well, because, personally, if I had a problem, I'd want one and all to join in sending prayers, good thoughts, healing vibes, what ever it took.

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I have asked for prayers for my mother's health in the past. I may have also asked for good thoughts or wishes, but I don't recall my specific wording.

Either way, as a Christian I appreciate both. Whether someone is speaking directly to God on my behalf, or offering a general wish for my circumstance, I am grateful for the fact that one would care enough to take time from her day to concern herself with my situation.

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I am a Christian and welcome anyone's good thoughts or prayers. How could I ever get offended by someone's concern for me or my family or their good wishes for us? The only thing offensive would be if I asked for prayers and someone answered something like "well you deserve X" or something along those lines. I think most Christians will agree with my line of thinking.

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