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Pssstttt. I'm engaged.

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What lovely news! Any thoughts as to when the bells will ring?


How has your son reacted?


Thanks for the fresh thread. Now wasn't that a fun new one to start?!!!


:) Yes, very fun to come back within a few minutes and see 26 replies!


Son is being a little difficult. I'm keeping my cool, feeling empathy for him while reminding him this is a grown up decision he doesn't get to make.


J starts his job on the 27th...So he will be moving here, to my city, in a week. He has to find a place to live quickly! And he is working a ton of overtime to finish up the contract he has where he is now....He worked all day Tuesday, all night, (dozed at the office around 4 a.m) all day until around 4:00 p.m. and then drove 2 hours to my city to give me my ring because that was our plan! I was feeling so bad....wishing he would have just gone home and slept! He did stay over at a friend's house here last night and drove back to work this morning...but wow was he exhausted!


So to answer the 'when' question.....as soon as we can get it arranged! Either first of November or first of December. We would prefer November but it is very hard to plan a wedding that quickly ESPECIALLY since I'm going to NYC for a week mid October.


I'm so happy!

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