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Help! Writing class has been cancelled

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It looks like I'm going to need an online writing class for academic essays. Any suggestions? I'd like something where they give solid feedback, not just vague, general comments. She's 15 & hates to write essays. Really, a live class would have been much, much better.


This is a new computer and I don't have my links anymore.

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We do Classical Writing and have done a few of their online classes. They are excellent, especially Herodotus.


For strictly composition classes - you might try Veritas Press. They have 2 composition classes for secondary students. We haven't taken them but are using VP for a couple of other subjects and they are very professional and well done.



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Thanks to everyone. Here's what I think we're going to do for now. Dd is going to do the assignments in Essay Voyage and then we'll have some writing assessment done at one of the links someone here posted. My other dd is doing Essay voyage, but when dd balked at doing a writing course online (after I got some links) we came up with this compromise. She preferred the group class that didn't happen, but c'est la vie!

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