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Unschooling Mentor Needed!

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Enjoy your child, and the journey. Keep the relationship the most important thing. That's my best advice, although I have a lot of it. Learn and grow together. Don't be the one with all the power.:) You won't be sorry.


That is JUST what I needed to hear!! Ds10 has always *needed* to know that he has a say in his life--from a very young age--even more so now! We dabbled in unschooling over the summer and learned an abundance together as a family--it was fabulous!! Now that official school has started--I am a little anxious and not as confident as I was over the summer.:confused: Unschooling is ds idea and after our trial period this summer-he has dh on board....I guess I need to learn to stretch my brain and forget about how I was educated.....Even in the last 2 years as we were learning from textbooks, etc...we were always taking off down different trails because ds would always find some other path that was more interesting...Again, thank you so much!

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I am not an unschooler in the radical unschooler sense, I am more of a John Holt unschooler.

Not sure what that means, lol. Have you read his books? If I were going to categorize "unschooling," I'd have to put John right up there at the top of the "radical" category.


"Unschooling" is learning without doing anything that looks like school. It doesn't have grade levels, it doesn't have a list of things which should be learned by a certain age, it doesn't even have a list of things that should be learned at all. Some young people will use textbooks, or even schools, if what they want to learn happens best that way, but it is because they wanted to learn that thing.


John Holt was my hero. I read all of his books, and most of his newsletters, in the early years of my hsing; in fact, I read all of his books in a two-week period when I was trying to decide whether or not to hs. He had a profound affect on all parts of my life (sometimes much to Mr. Ellie's dismay, lol).


So, yeah, I'd have to put John on the radical list, even though I don't categorize "unschooling," either. You is or you isn't. :)

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