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S/o Can one do hardwood floors in a bathroom?

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We have a bathroom (no shower, just a tub,basin and toilet) that leads into a dressing room and then into our bedroom. At the moment only the floor of the bathroom section is tiled and the rest is carpeted. We're thinking of tiling the dressing room as the carpet gets stained quite quickly.

I was wondering if one could put hardwood in a bathroom. It would have to withstand the occasional spill from the bath (my 6yo dd would need some training!) and from the basin. The area has a very high open thatched roof so steam would not be a big problem.

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You *could* do hardwood, but I wouldn't advise it. Water spillages/leaks are inevitable over time in a bathroom. Toilets overflow . . . sinks/pipes spring leaks. Kids splash. People puke & miss sometimes. . . Kids drop icky toilet paper on the floor. When someone has a bad stomach virus, you'll want to be able to lysol/bleach all surfaces in the bathroom, which isn't possible with wood floors. People drip water. Boys drip other stuff. :ack2:


Hardwood floors all have cracks/seams between boards by the nature of the flooring. Can you imagine cleaning that when a poopy toilet overflows? You'd *never* be able to get all of it clean, especially if you're using the modern pre-finished floors (which do hold up better) that have those dang grooves between each board. *When* (not if!) a leak/spill occurs, there will be a high likelihood that you'll have to completely replace the floor.


Laminate is more resistant to water, but I'd still never put it in a full bath. A powder room possibly.


IMHO, ceramic/stone tile is definitely your best bet. Since you're doing it in the adjacent dressing area, I think you'd be a bit nuts not to do it in the bath itself. It is impervious and will look as great 10 years from now as it will the day you install it.


If $$ is not an issue and you won't mind replacing the floor every 5 years, then hardwood or laminate might be fine (except for the sanitation issue). You might have to replace it (much) sooner than 5 years, but I'd think you'd be lucky to get more than 5 out of it. Plus, it'll probably look worse for the wear within a year or so. Contrast that to tile --- which will look great for many years to come.

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