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she loves school :(

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i know i should be happy for her, but i had planned on homeschooling. some of you may know, we have been around the board for awhile, and ive hs her since she was 3, but now at 5 she asked to go to K in ps. so i let her, and she loves it. i miss her so much.

so she is in k, reading around a k-1 level, she hasnt had her test yet....we took all summer off and she really forgot how to read alot.


how much afterschool work do you give a k. i mean she is sooo exausted, i cant imgine her willing to work! i have her read a simple reader but i want to continue with aas where we left off, although i think ill just start again...we only got through a few steps months ago...


well any impput please respond. im now home with ds, about to be 3, and the baby growing in my belly :) so now its his turn!

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I'm doing All About Spelling, read-alouds, and Five in a Row with my PS kindergartener (who also loves school!), but not every day. My main focus for afterschooling her is reading to her and with her, as she's only just started learning to read. I also take advantage of everyday, real-life learning opportunities in the kitchen, at the store, etc.

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I hear ya.

My older two after one month can't wait until the year is over so they can come home. My 7yr old loves it and my 4yr old hates it with a passion. Sigh.

I'd love to bring them home because I'm sick of it.

The school is a good school though. I just miss my kids.

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I had planned to homeschool since my daughter was born, and when I found out a slot was available in one of the best schools in our city I felt like I needed to let her go. She had been begging me to go for weeks (her two best friends are in her class). It's been a week now and she comes home happy about school everyday.


That being said, she has already had homework. Yes--- homework in kindergarten! She brought home last night a page on which she had written the numbers 1-100 and another blank page where she was supposed to do it again (at home not to be turned in), a worksheet where she needed to write in her name, her birthday, her favorite book, her favorite food, her favorite school subject, and something that makes her special (due 9/27), a poem that she has to recite and have people she recites it to sign a sheet (sheet to be turned in on Monday), and for Monday she is supposed to bring in a decorated shoe box with her favorite book in it. Phew--- that seems like even more now that I've written it all down. And she's only in an afternoon class.


Needless to say, it's not leaving a lot of time for all I had planned for homeschooling. We're still reading at bedtime a chapter a night. Right now, Dad's in the midst of reading her Pippi Longstocking (her favorite book) for the second time. I have a list of books I'd like to read with her this year (it's on my blog) so hopefully we'll get through those. I've noticed that she'll probably need extra help with handwriting, but with all the writing she has to do for class I'm sure it will come. I'd like to keep doing OPGTR (we're around lesson 90) once a week. I bought Rightstart Math A too (we stopped around lesson 25). I guess I'll just have to see how things go. She seems extra tired at the end of the day too and would like to just go outside and play. And in my opinion, playing is the most important thing to do right now at age 5.

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I'm glad it's working out for them and - I have to admit - I don't really miss them.





LOL What a bad mother you are! When my older kids were in their lovely little school, I so enjoyed the quiet days at home with the baby. I am also one of those who found it wonderful and interesting to volunteer at the school & help with various field trips etc. My kids always enjoyed school and were happy. My youngest has never been to school, but I know she would love the particular school she'd attend.

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During half-day K last year, the homework was light. It was mostly handwriting exersises and family crafts. At home I taught using SWO, FLL, McGuffey for English & Singapore for Math. He also practiced piano every few days & had lessons 1x a week. For outside activities he had swimming 1x a week.


I didn't see any signs of exhaustion with the above schedule.


For 1st grade we dropped SWO. We are currently using McGuffey for spelling words in addition to vocabulary & oral reading. I'm sticking with SM and dabbling a little with MEP. As soon as his colitis subsides, we will enroll him in swimming again.


Even though he has school longer this year, I am really surprised that he is so much more motivated with completing his afterschooling. He even practices piano on a daily basis now and rarely has to get pushed...last year was a different story.


I think that it is working out better for 1st grade because:

1. We continued afterschooling over the summer (although not so regularly).

2. We bought an activity/chore chart from Target & we used it consistently (We also tied it to an incentive program that we've used for over a year).

3. We were more consistent in asking him to practice piano everyday until one day he just hopped on the keyboard without being asked.


He does have less free time this year but he's never showed signs of disappointment. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood and we hear them play outside. But he never asks to go out to play.


I think that he's used to playing at his cousin's house or with other homeschooled kids and that is why I think he doesn't feel like he's missing out by not playing with the neighborhood kids. We don't let him play with them because they're too adventurous, imo. Think of a group of 6,7,8,9 year-olds just roaming the neighborhood with their bikes & playing on the streets, without supervision.


Of course we still have days when he just doesn't cooperate but it's becoming less & less.


Sorry for rambling! I just stick to afterschooling Math, English and Music for now until I can figure out how to add History.



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Depends on the school, and unfortunately ours is not an option. I keep mine involved in a local homeschool group and other activities so they have lots of friends spread all over the place. My daughter just started p.s. part time and loves it, my son only wants band. I think our involvement with many outside groups is crucial for fulfilling their social needs.

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